A Little About Me


I'm Morgan, the face behind the camera and M. Watford Photography!

My style is filmy, emotional, moody. I love high grain and movement. I will absolutely get into bushes or climb a tree to get the perfect shot.

I'm a mama, dog mom, wifey, vet tech, chick-fil-a addict. My personality is a mixture of David and Alexis Rose from Schitts Creek. I'm an adventure seeker, always looking for a new places to go and trails to hike. My heart belongs in the mountains but I am currently stuck in flat ol' Florida.


When I am not behind my camera, I am always seeking for another adventure. Nature and wildlife is what sparked my passion with photography. I have always seen things as art. The pines swaying with the wind, the sunshine beaming through the trees, watching wild animals I'v come across while hiking, the clouds between the mountain ranges. Everywhere I look, I imagine it photographed.


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"NC Sunrise"

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